Unity City is a vision for the future. Here, you will see an unforgettable senior living experience by creating a superior, energy efficient, technology-powered senior living space that comes complete with all of the necessary safety features needed to prevent accidents.

Our living units are fully equipped with 100% clean air, clean water & a windowless “look into the world of the future”. Our advanced living program inspires, educates and entertains in a way never before seen. Our approach includes living spaces with HD television monitors placed throughout the complex in such a way that you will be educated, entertained and inspired to live healthy active lifestyles. Our Longevity-based programming addresses the intellectual stimulation one needs as well as a focus on physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and relational health.

Our custom content includes an amazing display of colorful information delivered through our advanced digital communication system that includes the most powerful networking technology on the planet. All of our devices in our units are designed to help you maintain strength, balance, energy, alertness and an extraordinary enthusiasm for living.

Unity City began operations in November 2015 with a mission to build a city that contains one outstanding project after another and rewards people for being productive. That is the Unity City of tomorrow – a dynamic company holding the key to the future of “Senior Living” and the industry known as the “Senior” industrial complex. Unity City leadership includes Co-Executive Chairmen Bob Gathers, Jim Brown, Diva Lauren and the rest of the Board who together represent an unparalleled team of health, wellness, technology, entertainment, and investment industry titans. Through strategic partnerships, investments and acquisitions, the team connects “Seniors” with the future of senior living providing valuable resources that includes sourcing venues, implementing technologies, creating media content, create distribution partners & investment capital.

In March 2018, Gathers Software partnered with one of the world’s premier digital health care companies, The eHealth Cafe to launch an amazing multi-faceted 3-tier presentation entitled: “Unity City . . . The Future of Senior Living” This working partnership is led in part by Bob Gathers, a genius in his prime assembling world class data processing company and most recently, has laid the groundwork for this amazing revolutionary new senior living center that is being designed to be a fortress made of concrete yet have all of the modern conveniences of the nicest most healthiest environment we could produce. Unity City promises to have all the bells and whistles of new technology to advance the quality of life in one’s senior years.

Our championship caliber management team has given Unity City an authentic perspective into the rapidly-evolving Senior audience and what a great opportunity it is to be in the anti-aging industry. In addition to The FRESH AIR TEAM, Unity City has made several strategic investments into anti-aging-related businesses — from assessments and coaching to goal management and generating new life experiences. As people continue their meteoric journey towards living longer, it’s Unity City’s goal to keep up and continue to be a trailblazer while using all of our resources to help create new rich experiences for all seniors everywhere.